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The Odyssey I
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I learned so much from Barbara's workshop. She is committed to helping other people grow and become more fulfilled. She is passionate about her mission and it shows in every detail - from the thought and work she put into planning the agenda and activities, through the careful execution of the entire day. I had two epiphanies during the exercises in that one workshop. To me, that constitutes an extraordinary process from a passionate coach and leader. Thank you Barbara.

                                                                                                    - JM, Seminar Participant

The Odyssey I


I so enjoyed the experience and the benefits of the day. I am still thinking about many of the revealing aspects of the work. It was a wonderful opportunity for purposeful introspection in a supportive and caring community of women.

                                                                                                 -DS, Seminar Participant

(During the day's retreat) we worked hard and there was emotion but with purpose and focus and I felt like telling my story was authentic.  All too often I tell it but feel like I have to ‘spin’ it to meet some external criterion or another.  I felt as if looking back was truly in the service of moving forward.  Your thoughtfulness in assembling the group is much appreciated.

                             -Rose Barlow, Senior Consultant (OD) Market Matrix

Beginner’s Mind

Reflective Triggers

The Power of Creative Reflection


Life Line Exercise

The Geography of Adult Development

Permanent Whitewater


Cycle of Renewal

Mapping Renewal

Internal Weather Report


Scenario Planning

Five Secrets

A Letter

See the agenda below for a sneak peak of the days activities...

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“Spa Day for the Soul”

Tentative Agenda

The Odyssey I Retreat

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We govern our lives with rules, lists, checks and balances; yet many of us don’t apply those same principles in our personal and professional lives.


In a recent landmark U.S. study on happiness, the essential element was not wealth, losing those last ten pounds or the number of friends one had. Those who self-identified as happiest all had lives that they felt ‘had purpose and connection’. Whether this is a calling, a faith or a mission, a life with purpose is attainable by everyone. 

Join Barbara Waxman for a powerful day long experience that will have long term personal and professional benefits.

“A profound and rapid course to jumpstart the New Year!”

- Past Retreat Participant